Scent of powdered tea

We’ve just completed a pleasant-smelling powered green tea by utilizing all the state-of-the-art facilities of Suikouen. Its characteristics are as follows;

  1. Pleasantly smelling
  2. with a color of green
  3. and a flinty aftertaste
▽We all know of green tea with a good smell, but what is that which gives us powered tea with a scent of green tea?

First distinction ‘Pleasantly smelling’

First distinction of ‘Pleasantly smelling powdered tea’ is, literally, its scent of green tea made out of powered tea.

It’s extremely difficult to bring out what the scent is, but we try as much as possible to deliver its atmosphere in this article.

When you say a cup of tea smells good, it refers to ‘Hojicha, roasted green tea’. It’s because Hojicha is normally made by roasting green tea or coarse tea with strong fire. Its high temperature provides the tea with good-smell and a flinty aftertaste.

On the other hand, what happens when you try to smell normal green tea. It may give us a rather raw taste than the strongly roasted one.

Now please open up the package of ‘Pleasantly smelling powdered tea’ and inhale what is inside; ‘luscious’, ‘roasted’ and ‘crisp’ flavor.

▽What is meant by the expression ‘luscious’ scent?

Second distinction ‘Color is green’

Second distinction is its color of green.

The second distinction is the flip side of the coin. It’s ordinary to say roasted tea smells good with a color of ‘roasted brown’.

This pleasantly smelling powdered tea has been pursued even if its color stays green, not the roasted brown. Normally the color of green may provide us with an impression of ‘raw’ and ‘immaturity’. So there is a good gap between the impression and its color of green.

▽Its color is certainly green, which is not of roasted tea.

Third distinction ‘flinty aftertaste’

The third distinction is its flinty aftertaste.

When you savor it, its aftertaste can be exactly expressed as ‘flinty’. It is not a ‘clean’ taste as they say of roasted green tea. Of course it is not a slightly ‘bitter’ taste of green tea.

It contains some caffeine with a flinty note. Why not try the pleasantly smelling powdered green tea!!

▽Its aftertaste is expressed to be flinty…

In which situations?

We’ve developed the powdered tea for the sake of those who follow;

  • Wanting a change of pace –> Change your mind with a luscious scent
  • Wanting good tea on a tight schedule –> Put it in a cup without using any ‘Kyusu’ , and here it is!
  • Foreign people –> Why not try a Japanese tea ceremony in a minute!
▽Let’s make a change of pace with this smell…


There is a variety in the powdered tea: plain, with Shizuoka leaves, with Mid leaves, with Yame leaves, with Uji leaves and with Kagoshima leaves.

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with Shizuoka leaves / with Mie leaves / with Yame leaves / with Uji leaves / with Kagoshima leaves


Tasting is believing. Please feel welcome to ask us any questions in this form.